Twin Spire Ruins

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Twin Spire Ruins

Twin Spire Ruins

Twin Spire Ruins are the remains of a holy draenei site in Zangarmarsh now contested by the Alliance and Horde. Two towers flank a burial ground, with the towers being capturable. When both towers are captured by a faction, their battle standards are carried forth and placed in the graveyard, giving complete control. Before the Orc Corruption, they were lighthouses for draenei ships. ( )

Capturing the towers (beacons) Edit

The towers (Blizzard calls them "Beacons") use the standard capture system seen throughout the game (in such places as the Eastern Plaguelands and in Terokkar Forest). A bar is shown when inside the tower, with the pointer moving toward whichever faction has the most players within the tower.

Twin Spire Ruins TCG

In the World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game.

Capturing the graveyard (central tower) Edit

When both towers are under your factions control, the Field Scout of your respective faction will hand out a Battle Standard, which can then be placed in the graveyard (Blizzard calls this the "Central Tower"), capturing it for your faction. There is no longer a restriction of not being able to mount while holding the flag. Aspect of the Pack and other speed enhancing skills, including a druid's ground-based shape-shifts, will not cause you to lose the flag either.

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