Twilight Precipice

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Twilight Precipice

The Twilight Precipice

The Twilight Precipice[64.1, 33.7] is located in the middle shelf of Deepholm, south of the Halcyon Egress and northeast of the Temple of Earth. This becomes a major area of operations for the Twilight's Hammer clan as players progress through the zone quests, and is the site of a battle between the cult and Therazane's forces, including most of the Stone Lords.

Prior to doing any quests, this area will largely be empty of mobs, with the occasional Twilight Pyremaw flying overhead and a few cultists on the border of Lorthuna's Gate. After players complete Rallying the Earthen Ring, the area will phase into a pitched battle, reverting back to its initial phase presumably after the completion of The Binding.



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