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The Twilight Council (or Twilight's Council[1]) appears to be a leading group in the Twilight's Hammer. The members are called "Lords of the Twilight Council",[2]. They were the only ones allowed to speak to the Lords of the Abyssal Council, and therefore got a Twilight Cultist Ring of Lordship[1]

Cho'gall drops the Hands of the Twilight Council, so he may be a member.



  • Mor'norokk the Hateful yells: What? What have you done? No! Do you have any idea what the Twilight Council will do to me when they find out I've talked? I'd sooner die![4]
  • Garona: "The Twilight Council will suffer for their crimes."
  • The Lords of the Twilight Council possess powerful treasures of the elements.[2]



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