Twilight Captivator

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CombatMob 32Twilight Captivator
Race Varies (Humanoid)
Level 84
Health 70,946
Mana 8,726
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Ruins of Drakgor, Twilight Highlands

Twilight Captivators are part of the Twilight's Hammer clan in control of the Ruins of Drakgor[43, 18] in the Twilight Highlands.

Objective of


Item Source Use
Inv misc emberweaveclothbolt 01 [Embersilk Cloth] Drop IconSmall Tailoring [Tailoring]
IconSmall First Aid [First Aid]
IconSmall Engineering [Engineering]
Inv box 04 [Flame-Scarred Junkbox] [Pick Pocket] To open
Inv potion 24 [Rogue's Draught] [Pick Pocket] IconSmall Rogue Rogue consumable


The [Pyreburn Oil] they drop can also be found in barrels sprinkled throughout the Ruins.

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