Twilight Ascendant Council (sometimes just called "Twilight Ascendants") is a "council" boss encounter of Bastion of Twilight, a raid of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Pre-encounter trashEdit

Before you enter the room of the Twilight Ascendants, the room will be full of elementals running all over the place. Dealing with them might be hard, the trick is to pull 2 mobs at the time; Fire + Water or Electricity + Arcane. Make sure the water adds are interrupted. Doing it this way the fire and water or electricity and arcane will make sure the shields disappear.


The ascendants include:

At phase 3 of fight, they combine into:

They are Twilight's Hammer members who have ascended and become elementals.

Abilities Edit

Phase One Edit

  • Feludius
  • Spell frost frost  [Heart of Ice]ω ϖ—An icy cold grips the target's heart, dealing increasing Frost damage every 2 sec (2,000/4,000/8,000 etc). Magic dispellable. If the target comes in contact with other allies, however, they are empowered with Frost energy. Frost Imbued players deal additional damage to Ignacious.
  • Spell frost frostbolt  [Hydro Lance]ω ϖ—Deals 45000 to 55000 Frost damage to a random target.
  • Inv elemental primal water  [Water Bomb]ω ϖ—Inflicts 9750 to 10250 frost damage to enemies within 6 yards, applying the Waterlogged debuff.
  • Inv elemental primal water  [Waterlogged]ω ϖ—Soaks an enemy with icy water, reducing movement speed by 25%. While soaked, enemies are susceptible to certain Frost-based attacks. Exposure to flame can remove this effect.
  • Spell frost frostnova  [Glaciate]ω ϖ—Deals massive Frost damage to any nearby enemies, with damage decreasing with distance from the caster. Any enemies who are waterlogged will have the blood in their veins frozen.
  • Ability mage deepfreeze  [Frozen Blood]ω ϖ—Freezes a waterlogged enemy solid, stunning and dealing 20000 Frost damage every 2 sec for 10 sec.
  • Ignacious
  • Inv elemental primal fire  [Burning Blood]ω ϖ—Deals increasing Fire damage to an enemy every 2 sec (2,000/4,000/8,000 etc). Magic dispellable. Nearby allies are empowered with fire energy each tick however. Fire imbued players deal additional damage to Feludius.
  • Spell fire sealoffire  [Aegis of Flame]ω ϖ—Surrounds the caster with a radiant shield of flame, absorbing 1,000,000 damage and preventing spell interruption while active.
  • Ability mage firestarter  [Flame Torrent]ω ϖ—Inflicts 36075 to 41925 Fire damage every 1 sec for 3 sec in a 18 yard cone in front of the caster.
  • Spell fire burningspeed  [Inferno Leap]ω ϖ—Leaps at an enemy, inflicting 23125 to 26875 Fire damage and knocking all nearby enemies away.
  • Spell holy innerfire  [Inferno Rush]ω ϖ—Ignacious rushes back to his primary aggro target leaving a trail of flames. The flame trail will inflict 4625 to 5375 Fire damage every 0.5 sec and remove Waterlogged.
  • Spell fire burnout  [Rising Flames]ω ϖ—Cast immediately after Aegis of Flame. Deals increasing Fire damage to every player in the room over time until interrupted.

Phase Two Edit

  • Arion
  • Spell nature cyclone  [Call Winds]ω ϖ—Focuses and agitates the nearby air into a violent cyclone. Entering the Cyclone will cause 7,000 nature damage and give the player the swirling winds debuff which levitates the player into the air.
  • Inv rod enchantedcobalt  [Lightning Rod]ω ϖ—Marks an enemy to attract electrical attacks. Arion will cast his Chain Lightning at this player.
  • Spell nature chainlightning  [Chain Lightning]ω ϖ—Fires a blast of lightning at enemies who have been attuned to attract electricity, dealing 9500 to 10500 Nature damage and bouncing to additional nearby targets.
  • Inv elemental primal air  [Disperse]ω ϖ—The caster dissolves into swirling wind and materializes elsewhere in the room.
  • Spell nature lightning  [Lightning Blast]ω ϖ—Blasts an enemy with concentrated lightning, inflicting 72000 to 88000 Nature damage. Cast on Arion's tank immediately after Disperse.
  • Spell nature lightningoverload  [Thundershock]ω ϖ—Deals 146250 to 153750 Nature damage to all nearby enemies. Less effective against grounded targets. More effective against airborne targets.
  • Terrastra
  • Ability druid eclipse  [Gravity Well]ω ϖ—Creates a Gravity Well that firmly connects nearby players to the earth, granting resistance to some powerful electrical attacks. Lasts 2 min or until another force lifts the target from the ground.
  • Spell nature earthbind  [Gravity Core]ω ϖ—Applied on entering a Gravity Well. Crushes an enemy with intense gravitational force, inflicting 10000 Physical damage every 2sec for 10 sec. While the target is affected, the gravitational field periodically hinders the movement and actions of nearby allies.
  • Ability golemthunderclap  [Harden Skin]ω ϖ—The caster's skin hardens into solid rock, increasing Physical damage dealt by 100% and absorbing 50% of all damage taken, up to 650000. If the caster suffers enough damage, this barrier will shatter, grievously wounding the caster.
  • Spell nature earthquake  [Eruption]ω ϖ—Fires a spike through the floor, impaling all targets within 4 yards, dealing 47125 to 52875 damage and knocking them up in the air. This attack ignores armor.
  • Spell nature earthquake  [Quake]ω ϖ—Sends massive shockwaves through the earth, dealing 146250 to 153750 damage to all enemies who are in contact with the ground. More effective against (gravity well) grounded targets. (Note Priest levitate will NOT help you.)

Phase Three Edit

  • Elementium Monstrosity
  • Inv elemental mote fire01  [Lava Seed]ω ϖ—Showers the surrounding area with kernels of pure Flame energy, each of which erupts to deal 35000 to 45000 Fire damage to nearby enemies as Lava Plume
  • Spell frost stun  [Liquid Ice]ω ϖ—The Monstrosity is preturnaturally cold, freezing the ground beneath it. The pools of ice will grow with continued exposure to the Monstrosity, dealing increasing Frost damage to enemies exposed to them. Essentially this ability is Defile from the Lich King but expands when the boss stands in it, rather than players.
  • Spell nature lightningoverload  [Electric Instability]ω ϖ—Constant nature damage to random raid members, increasing in intensity the longer the Elementium Monstrosity is alive. Overloaded with raw lightning energy, the caster zaps nearby enemies for 5655 to 6345 Nature damage, chaining to nearby targets. Functions identically to Entropius' Negative Energy in Sunwell Plateau.
  • Spell nature earthbind  [Gravity Crush]ω ϖ—Traps an enemy in a gravity bubble, lifting them off the ground and crushing them for 10% of their maximum health every 0.5 sec for 6 sec. When the effect ends, the target will be left to fall to the ground.


Phase One

Engage the bosses with split teams of DPS. The DPS can be dedicated at first to bringing their specified bosses to low hp but at around 30% on either boss, switch and slow DPS to get them evenly to 25% or lower. When Ignacious casts Aegis of Flame, all DPS must switch to him and burn his shield down or the raid will take enormous AOE damage until wiped. Feludius casts a waterbomb technique that hits specified areas and give players the debuff Waterlogged. Waterlogged reduces your movement speed, but more importantly sets you up to be killed by Glaciate. If a player is hit by Glaciate and Waterlogged, they will trigger Frozen Blood and be a strain on the healers. When either boss reaches 25%, Phase Two begins.

Phase Two

The rules of the first encounter still apply to these two bosses. Arion and Terrestra both cast a powerful spell that can be avoided but will kill anyone who doesn't handle the mechanics correctly. Cyclones and Gravity Wells will spawn across the room when engaging the bosses. As soon as the fight begins, wait for a Cyclone to be cast and run to it as soon as possible to gain the Levitate buff. Terrestra will always cast quake first and it will deal enormous damage to any players who aren't currently levitated by the cyclone buff. As soon as quake is cast, run to a nearby gravity well. Gravity Wells cause you to be grounded for when Arion casts Thundershock, the aerial version of Quake, striking anyone with the levitate buff. These bosses will never cast out of order and you have ample time to get the needed buff. Rinse and Repeat until one or both hit 25% health.

Phase Three

The Elementium Monstrosity will have the combined HP of all four bosses in this phase. This is why lowering the HP of the prior encounters is extremely important. Save all major cooldowns for this phase as it is a DPS check. The boss will spawn over a pool of ice and must be kited out of it or it will expand similar to defile. Range dps must spread to avoid excess damage from Electric Instability. The boss will also cast Lava Seed that will drop all over the floor around the raid and must be avoided to save heals for Gravity Crush and tanks. Gravity Crush will do extreme damage to one raid member, heals must be focused on them for survival. Electric Instability will hit the whole raid and increase in damage over time, making this fight a DPS race from the second the phase starts. Manage to down the boss quickly before losing your raid and you'll have defeated the Twilight Ascendants.

Quotes Edit

Feludius, Ignacious, Arion and Terrastra
Feludius Ignacious Arion Terrastra
  • You dare invade our lord's sanctum?!
  • I will freeze the blood in your veins!
Killing a player
  • Perish!
Phase Three
  • But now, witness true power...
  • You will die for your insolence!
Rising Flames
  • BURN!
Killing a player
  • More fuel for the fire!
Phase Three
  • ...the fury of the elements!
  • Enough of this foolishness!
Thundershock Pre Announce
  • The air around you crackles with energy...
Call Winds
  • Winds hear my call!
Killing a player
  • Merely a whisper in the wind...
Phase Three
  • An impressive display...
  • We will handle them!
Ground Rupture
  • The earth will devour you!
Quake Pre Announce
  • The ground beneath you rumbles ominously...
Killing a player
  • The soil welcomes your bones.
Phase Three
  • have made it this far.
Elementium Monstrosity
Lava Seed
Killing a player
  • Annihilate....
  • Eradicate....
  • Impossible....

Loot Edit

Normal Mode
Inv misc cat trinket08
  • Heart of Ignacious
  • Item Level 359
    Disenchants into:
    [Abyss Crystal]: 1-2
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique-Equipped
  • Trinket
  • Requires level 85
  • Equip: Your damage spells grant Heart's Revelation, increasing spell power by 77 for 15 sec and stacking up to 5 times. Use: Consumes all applications of Heart's Revelation, increasing your haste rating by 321 (2.51% @ L85) per application consumed. Lasts 20 sec. (2 Min Cooldown)
  • Sell Price: 8Gold 5Silver 7Copper
Inv misc cat trinket05
Inv crystallized water
Inv belt leatherraidrogue i 01
Inv helm mail raidhunter i 01
Inv misc cape cataclysm tank d 01
Inv pants plate raidwarrior i 01
Inv gauntlets leather raiddruid i 01
Inv helmet plate raidpaladin i 01
Inv boots cloth raidpriest i 01
Inv shoulder mail raidshaman i 01
Inv gauntlets plate raidwarrior i 01

Heroic Mode
Inv misc cat trinket08
Inv misc cat trinket05
Inv crystallized water
Inv belt leatherraidrogue i 01
Inv helm mail raidhunter i 01
Inv misc cape cataclysm tank d 01
Inv pants plate raidwarrior i 01
Inv gauntlets leather raiddruid i 01
Inv helmet plate raidpaladin i 01
Inv boots cloth raidpriest i 01
Inv shoulder mail raidshaman i 01
Inv gauntlets plate raidwarrior i 01


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25-man HeroicEdit

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