Tweets Lightsprocket is a gnome wanderer affiliated with the Explorers' League. She walks the road from the Halfhill Market, east across the Valley of the Four Winds, then south into the Krasarang Wilds at Zhu's Watch. From there she takes the main road to the Incursion. After a short break at the fire, she turns around and retraces her steps.

She travels with Egbert and will summon him periodically, as well as stop to check her map or talk to herself. She also appears to be holding a Yellow Brewfest Stein and dressed in Brewfest clothing.

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  • Horde players can attack her, but once hit, she vanishes. She will reappear much further along the trail.

Dialogue Edit

Do you have any fizzy energy drinks? (to Bobo Ironjaw at the market)
I wonder if I'm too cute for the jungle?
I wonder if my shoes are too fancy for exploring?
I could really go for one of Uncle Gus' jokes about now, this place is scary!
I have to take some of these flowers back home!
Look at this astounding dirt! It's so dirt-like!
I'm going to ask Tina to come with me next time, she'd LOVE these plants!
Being a legendary explorer is hard work!
I've never seen roots like this before!
Eek! I'm outta here! Gyrochormatic invisibility engine engage! (when attacked)

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