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"War Turtle" concept art

Turtles in World of Warcraft are similar in appearance, but much greater in size than their real-life counterparts. They can be found both on land, and in water.


Turtles of different species are found all over Azeroth. One of the most famous species is the giant sea turtles used by the goblins during the Second War. They were originally believed to be native only to the South Seas but have also been discovered in Northrend.

One of the demigods in the War of the Ancients was a reptilian warrior with a shell reminiscent of a turtle.[1] (Sund 210)

In the Mount Hyjal zone, players will encounter the turtle god Tortolla.


The most important distinction between the different kinds of turtles is which drop Turtle Scales and which do not. In general, turtles of a higher level have a better chance of dropping Turtle Scales. The turtles in Dustwallow Marsh rarely drop scales, while the ones in Tanaris may drop two or three at a time. The turtles in Thousand Needles never drop scales. Farming Turtle Scales is the primary reason to kill a turtle.

Along with the previously mentioned zones, turtles can also be found in Alterac, Azshara, Blackfathom Deeps, Hillsbrad Foothills, The Hinterlands, Maraudon, The Barrens and also at the Broken Isles.

Tortoises (land turtles) are pretty much interchangeable with turtles in the game, since they all look the same. You can assume it is a tortoise if it doesn't appear near a large body of water (lake, river, or sea).

Some turtles can grow to enormous sizes. During the Second War, the Orcs used them as submersible war machines. Their shells were so large that several Orcs could fit inside them, and they attached goblin-made rockets to the top of their shells.

The goblins themselves also seem to have taken up turtles as a mount; a pair of mounted goblins can be seen on turtles in Booty Bay.

Turtle species


A sea turtle from Warcraft III.

Named turtles

Turtle uses


A few turtles may actually be mobs that have been polymorphed. Beware of any unusual turtles in unexpected locations!

Specialization (upon taming)
Spell nature shamanrage Tenacity
The Turtle eats
Inv misc food 11 Inv misc fish 24 Inv misc food 19 Inv mushroom 11
The Turtle comes with
Ability druid ferociousbite Ability hunter pet turtle
All pets come with
Spell shadow burningspirit Ability physical taunt

As a hunter pet

  • Turtles make for notably sturdy tanking pets with their special ability Shell Shield, which reduces damage taken by 50% for 12 seconds.

Patch changes

0200Bc icon/0300Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.0.2 (14-Oct-2008): Major changes.
            Turtles can now eat bread.
Armor had a +13% bonus and now has a +5% bonus.
Health had no bonus and now has a +10% bonus.
Damage had a -10% penalty and now has no penalty.

0300Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.1.0 (14-Apr-2009): Bonuses equalized.
            Damage had no bonus and now has +5% bonus.
Health had a 10% bonus and now has a +5% bonus.

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