"A Paladin's power - nay, his very presence in the Light is enough to cause even the most ravenous undead to flee."

Rank table Edit

Rank Level Mana Cost Fear Time Cost
1 24 35 Mana 10 Sec 45Silver
2 38 50 Mana 15 Sec 1Gold 44Silver

Tips and tricks Edit

Paladins are unique in the ability to fear undead targets. Undead mobs are immune to Warlocks' and Priests' fear spells (Fear and Psychic Scream, respectively), so this can be used as a nice crowd control in some situations. Notable instances where undead are prevalent include Razorfen Downs, Stratholme, Scholomance, Naxxramas and Karazhan.

By Level 54, a Paladin can potentially keep an Undead mob mostly controlled by using Hammer of Justice in coordination with Turn Undead.

Notes Edit

In PvP, this ability is entirely useless as Forsaken players do not qualify as undead in terms of game mechanics, and as such are invalid targets of this spell.

In patch 2.4, however, the highest rank (was rank 3) of this spell is being renamed to Turn Evil, which will allow the player to also fear Demons, opening up potentially new strategies against Warlocks.

Patch Changes Edit

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