Not to be confused with Ragepaw.

Tur Ragepaw is a level 74 Furbolg NPC who can be found near Ursoc's Den.

Some time in the past, Tur had visited Kodian, looking for information to help him cleanse Ursoc of the taint introduced by Vordrassil's sapling having been used to restore him to life. As events unfold, he is instrumental in defeating the current incarnation of Ursoc so that his spirit can be freed of the taint by Vordrassil's Ashes.


Tur Ragepaw has three options to help the group of players trying to do Neutral 15 [75] Ursoc, the Bear God.

He can either:

  • Take the form of a bear and tank
  • Take the form of a treant and heal
  • Take the form of a moonkin and deal damage


Having the aid of this npc doesn't guarantee success, especially when its just him and you.

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