Tundra Coldhoof cut an imposing figure, with her long horns, her carved halberd and a wolf at her side. Tundra was a gentle soul who welcomed travelers to Icemist Village as they arrived, making sure the wounded and weary received whatever care was necessary. Tundra was no weakling, as those who have abused her hospitality had learned, but she was more inclined to talk than to fight. In battle she fired her bow, released her wolf, Grayven, to worry an opponent's legs, and then used her spells to summon more help or charged in herself.[1] (LoM 101)

Her current status is unknown. Her position of ruler of the Icemist appears to have been taken up by Roanauk Icemist in recent times.


  • She apparently doesn't appear in Wrath of the Lich King. As she was replaced by Roanauk Icemist, she is presumed dead.
Preceded by:
High Chieftain of the Taunka
Succeeded by:
Roanauk Icemist