The Trollbane family is a human family and was once the ruling family of Stromgarde.

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  • The House of Trollbane of the human Kingdom of Stromgarde
    • IconSmall Human Male King Ignaeus, Lord of Strom and beginner of the line of Trollbanes.
      • IconSmall Human Male Prince Liam, Lord of Stromgarde before Thoras.
        • Core family
          • IconSmall Human Male King Thoras, Lord of Stromgarde during the Second War.
            • Icon Cataclysm 18x18 IconSmall Undead Male Prince Galen, Thoras' son, recent self-proclaimed Lord of Stromgarde.
            • Bc icon IconSmall Danath Prince Danath, Thoras' nephew, Militia Commander of Stromgarde (and current master of Honor Hold)

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