There are many tales and legends of Trolls in Azeroth. Most of the known tales today come from the Gurubashi. For sure there are more troll legends than those, but they weren't handed down to us.

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Moon over the ValeEdit

Moon Over the Vale

The tablet holding the Moon over the Vale

Moon Over the Vale is a short poem or song describing the life of these Trolls on an old stone tablet.

Gri'lek the WandererEdit

Gri'lek the Wanderer tells of a troll who lost his arm. Because he turned away from the spirits, he's now doomed to wander. The story is written on a stone tablet, but there's also a Inv misc book 07 [Worn Leather Book] named "Arm of Gri'lek".

Fall of GurubashiEdit

Fall of Gurubashi is a legend carved in a stone tablet how Min'loth fought an ancient Kraken and the Gurubashi Empire was destroyed afterwards.

The Emperor's TombEdit

The Emperor's Tomb is a very short poem or song, which tells the trolls to leave or die. Like most Troll lore, it can be found on a stone tablet

The Stone of the TidesEdit

The Stone of the Tides is a Gurubashi legend about a mighty artifact - the Stone of the Tides. It chooses a so-called Tidebearer, giving him immense power, but also killing him slowly. The only source of this tale today is the Royal Library in Stormwind.


Legends of the Gurubashi, Volume 3, an essay about troll legends, implies that there are much more tales, some showing the deep connection to snakes.