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A Virus or Trojan virus is something everyone should be aware of.

A Trojan can infect your computer trough any odd executable file you might have downloaded (for whatever reason), and these days even from an infected media file. Once your computer is infected you run the risk that the virus is sending your account data to the creator of the virus as you type it, who might then steal your account information and claim it as his own.

Things to do

  • Get a Virus Scanner
  • Keep your virus definitions software up to date.
  • Do not open or click on suspicious files.
  • Do not download files from anyone you do not trust.
  • Do not accept files from untrusted people in your MSN, ICQ, Yahoo or other Instant messenger list.
  • Keep spyware away from your computer
  • Do not use applications such as Kazaa or other mass file sharing tools. Shared files are commonly infected with virusses, and the application itself will also often try to unload a bucket load of Spyware onto your computer.
  • Enable your Windows Firewall or get a third-party one.

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