Tricks and Treats of the Cataclysm (Alliance)

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Inv misc food 25 Official alliance mini-icon Tricks and Treats of the Cataclysm 10 Money achievement
Visit the Candy Buckets in Cataclysm zones.
  • Deepholm, Temple of Earth
  • Mount Hyjal, Nordrassil
  • Twilight Highlands, Firebeard's Patrol
  • Twilight Highlands, Thundermar
  • Uldum, Oasis of Vir'sar
  • Vashj'ir, Darkbreak Cove
  • Vashj'ir, Silver Tide Hollow
  • Mount Hyjal, Grove of Aessina
  • Mount Hyjal, Shrine of Aviana
  • Twilight Highlands, Highbank
  • Twilight Highlands, Victor's Point
  • Uldum, Ramkahen
  • Vashj'ir, Deepmist Grotto
  • Vashj'ir, Tranquil Wash
For the Official horde mini-iconHorde version, see Tricks and Treats of the Cataclysm (Horde).

Tricks and Treats of the Cataclysm is related to the seasonal world event Hallow's End.


The Official alliance mini-icon [1] Candy Buckets for this achievement can be found in the locations listed below:

Zone Region Coords
Vashj'ir Silver Tide Hollow, Shimmering Expanse [49.2, 41.9]
Twilight Highlands Firebeard's Patrol [60.4, 58.2]
Twilight Highlands Highbank [78.9, 77.7]
Twilight Highlands Thundermar [49.6, 30.4]
Twilight Highlands Victor's Point [43.6, 57.3]
Vashj'ir Darkbreak Cove, Abyssal Depths [54.7, 72.2]
Vashj'ir Tranquil Wash, Shimmering Expanse [49.7, 57.4]
Mount Hyjal Grove of Aessina [18.7, 37.3]
Mount Hyjal Nordrassil [63, 24]
Mount Hyjal Shrine of Aviana [42.7, 45.6]
Uldum Oasis of Vir'sar [26.6, 7.3]
Uldum Ramkahen [54.7, 33]
Deepholm Temple of Earth [49.5, 53]
Vashj'ir Deepmist Grotto, Kelp'thar Forest [61.3, 63.7]

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