Achievement halloween candy 01 Horde 15 Tricks and Treats of Kalimdor 10 Money achievement
Visit the Candy Buckets in Kalimdor.
  • Ashenvale, Hellscream's Watch
  • Ashenvale, Splintertree Post
  • Azshara, Bilgewater Harbor
  • Desolace, Shadowprey Village
  • Dustwallow Marsh, Brackenwall Village
  • Felwood, Whisperwind Grove
  • Feralas, Camp Mojache
  • Mulgore, Bloodhoof Village
  • Northern Barrens, Grol'dom Farm
  • Northern Barrens, Ratchet
  • Silithus, Cenarion Hold
  • Southern Barrens, Hunter's Hill
  • Stonetalon Mountains, Sun Rock Retreat
  • Tanaris, Gadgetzan
  • Un'Goro Crater, Marshal's Stand
  • Ashenvale, Silverwind Refuge
  • Ashenvale, Zoram'gar Outpost
  • Desolace, Karnum's Glade
  • Durotar, Razor Hill
  • Dustwallow Marsh, Mudsprocket
  • Feralas, Camp Ataya
  • Feralas, Stonemaul Hold
  • Northern Barrens, The Crossroads
  • Northern Barrens, Nozzlepot's Outpost
  • Orgrimmar, Valley of Strength
  • Southern Barrens, Desolation Hold
  • Stonetalon Mountains, Krom'gar Fortress
  • Tanaris, Bootlegger Outpost
  • Thunder Bluff, Lower Rise
  • Winterspring, Everlook
For the Alliance 15Alliance version, see Tricks and Treats of Kalimdor (Alliance).

Tricks and Treats of Kalimdor is related to the seasonal world event Hallow's End. Completing this achievement is criteria for the meta achievement Inv misc food 28 [Tricks and Treats of Azeroth].


The Horde 15 [1] Candy Buckets for this achievement can be found in the locations listed below:

Zone Region Coords
Ashenvale Splintertree Post [73.9, 60.6]
Ashenvale Hellscream's Watch [38.6, 42.4]
Ashenvale Silverwind Refuge [50.2, 67.2]
Ashenvale Zoram'gar Outpost [12.9, 34.1]
Azshara Bilgewater Harbor [57.1, 50.2]
Desolace Shadowprey Village [24.1, 68.3]
Durotar Razor Hill [51.6, 41.7]
Dustwallow Marsh Brackenwall Village [36.8, 32.4]
Feralas Camp Mojache, Camp Mojache Longhouse [74.8, 45.1]
Feralas Stonemaul Hold [52, 47.7]
Feralas Camp Ataya [41.4, 15.6]
Mulgore Bloodhoof Village [46.8, 60.4]
Northern Barrens Crossroads [49.6, 57.9]
Northern Barrens Grol'dom Farm [56.2, 40]
Northern Barrens Nozzlepot's Outpost [62.5, 16.6]
Orgrimmar Valley of Strength, Broken Tusk [53.8, 78.8]
Southern Barrens Desolation Hold [40.7, 69.4]
Southern Barrens Hunter's Hill [39.3, 20.1]
Stonetalon Mountains Sun Rock Retreat [50.4, 63.8]
Stonetalon Mountains Krom'gar Fortress [66.5, 64.2]
Thunder Bluff Lower Rise [45.7, 64.3]
Desolace Karnum's Glade [56.8, 50]
Dustwallow Marsh Mudsprocket [41.9, 74.1]
Felwood Whisperwind Grove [44.6, 29]
Northern Barrens Ratchet [67.3, 74.6]
Silithus Cenarion Hold [55.5, 36.8]
Tanaris Gadgetzan [52.6, 27.1]
Tanaris Bootlegger Outpost [55.7, 60.9]
Un'Goro Crater Marshal's Stand [55.2, 62.2]
Winterspring Everlook [59.8, 51.2]


If you are Hated or Hostile with the factions of the Steamwheedle Cartel, you will be attacked in Everlook, Ratchet, Mudsprocket, and Gadgetzan. If you are trying to get The Insane title, this may set you back a bit if you are already building your Steamwheedle Cartel reputations back up from Hated.

Patch changesEdit

  • Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.2.2 (30-August-2011): Locations changed/added.

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