Tricks and Treat of Pandaria (Alliance)

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Inv misc food 168 ricecake01 Official alliance mini-icon Tricks and Treat of Pandaria 10 Money achievement
Visit the Candy Buckets in Pandaria.
  • Dread Wastes, Klaxxi-vess
  • Dread Wastes, Soggy's Gamble
  • Jade Forest, Dawn's Blossom
  • Jade Forest, Greenstone Village
  • Jade Forest, Jade Temple Grounds
  • Jade Forest, Paw'don Village
  • Jade Forest, Pearlfin Village
  • Jade Forest, Sri-La Village
  • Jade Forest, Tian Monastery
  • Krasarang Wilds, Marista
  • Krasarang Wilds, Zhu's Watch
  • Kun-Lai Summit, Binan Village
  • Kun-Lai Summit, The Grummle Bazaar
  • Kun-Lai Summit, One Keg
  • Kun-Lai Summit, Westwind Rest
  • Kun-Lai Summit, Zouchin Village
  • The Veiled Stair, Tavern in the Mists
  • Townlong Steppes, Longying Outpost
  • Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Mistfall Village
  • Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Shrine of Seven Stars
  • Valley of the Four Winds, Pang's Stead
  • Valley of the Four Winds, Stoneplow
For the Official horde mini-iconHorde version, see Tricks and Treat of Pandaria (Horde).

Tricks and Treat of Pandaria is related to the seasonal world event Hallow's End.


The Official alliance mini-icon [1] Candy Buckets for this achievement can be found in the locations listed below:

Zone Region Coords
Dread Wastes Klaxxi'vess [56, 32]
Dread Wastes Soggy's Gamble [55, 71]
Jade Forest Dawn's Blossom [46, 44]
Jade Forest Greenstone Village [48, 35]
Jade Forest Jade Temple Grounds [55, 63]
Jade Forest Paw'don Village [45, 84]
Jade Forest Pearlfin Village [60, 83]
Jade Forest Sri-La Village [56, 24]
Jade Forest Tian Monastery [42, 23]
Krasarang Wilds Marista [51, 77]
Krasarang Wilds Zhu's Watch [76, 7]
Kun-Lai Summit Binan Village [73, 92]
Kun-Lai Summit Grummle Bazaar [64, 61]
Kun-Lai Summit One Keg [57, 60]
Kun-Lai Summit Westwind Rest [54, 83]
Kun-Lai Summit Zouchin Village [62, 29]
Veiled Stair Tavern in the Mists [55, 72]
Townlong Steppes Longying Outpost [71, 58]
Vale of Eternal Blossoms Mistfall Village [35, 78]
Vale of Eternal Blossoms Shrine of Seven Stars [87, 64]
Valley of the Four Winds Pang's Stead [84, 20]
Valley of the Four Winds Stoneplow [20, 56]

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