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This article is about the night elf structure. For for the Druid ability, see Tree of Life Form. For statistics, see Warcraft III Structures.

This enormous ancient's eyes burn blue in its blunt face. Golden sparkles dance in its boughs.APG 198

The Tree of Life is a mighty enchanted sapling of the World Tree, Nordrassil, from which the night elves draw their life energies. This mysterious ancient is the key to the night elves’ immortality and harmonious coexistence with nature. Nordrassil’s energy, channeled through the tree of life, allows the night elves to benefit from its powers regardless of the vast distances that might separate them.W3Man 122

Trees of life are the most important ancients in night elf society. They are the wisest and most insightful of the ancients, and gently guide night elf leaders toward the skills they need to effectively lead their people. Trees of life rarely enter combat alone; their importance means that they are usually surrounded by ancients, dryads, keepers and night elf allies. A tree of life fights defensively, remaining near its companions, but willingly smashes opponents with its great branches.APG 198

The Tree of Life can grow into the Tree of Ages.

None of the Tree of Life's stages exist in World of Warcraft, although Druids can turn into a Treant called Tree of Life Form. They may have all been killed in the Battle of Mount Hyjal, or it is a scale issue. Also since they where a key to the night elves imortality, their connection to the world tree and saplings to the world tree, now with the world tree severaly damaged and the loss of their imortality it sounds fairly reasonable that don't exist for the time being, perhaps again when the world tree has healed itself or else they've choosen to reside in Mount Hyjal and none would know since it is a closed zone.

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