Treasure (NPC)

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NeutralNPC 32Treasure
Title <The Maiden's Fancy>
Race Parrot (Beast)
Level 1
Health 2,900
Affiliation Booty Bay
Location The Maiden's Fancy, The Barrens or Stranglethorn Vale

Treasure belongs to Captain Krick Wrenchnozzle of The Maiden's Fancy, the boat that runs between the ports of Ratchet and Booty Bay. The parrot flies around all parts of the ship just about annoying all the members of the Maiden's Fancy except the Captain, who finds it rather entertaining when Treasure has had too many crackers to eat.

Patches and hotfixes

Bc icon Patch 2.3.0 (13-Nov-2007): Added

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NPC factionNeutral +
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Patch date13 November 2007 +
RaceParrot +
TitleThe Maiden's Fancy +

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