For lore, see Treant.


Nature's BlessingEdit

Upgrades all Ancients' and Treants' movement speed and armor.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements Upgrade Time
150 WC3gold 200 WC3lumber Tree of Life/Ages/Eternity Tree of Ages 60 sec.

Patch Changes Edit

Patch 1.01 (7/3/2002)
  • Damage reduced from an average of 17 to 16.
Patch 1.03 (10/09/2002)
  • Now last 60 seconds, down from 75 seconds.
Patch 1.10 (7/1/2003)
  • Now benefits from the Nature's Blessing upgrade.
Patch 1.14 (1/7/2004)
  • Gold bounty reduced to 2-4 from 26-38.

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