Travel guide: Outland zones

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This is a guide on how to reach every zone in Outland.

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Blade's Edge Mountains

From zangarmarsh: go north from either orebor harborage or Telredor, trough an cave.

Hellfire Peninsula

You can reach this zone by going trough the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands. It is the starting area of Outland.

From terrokar forest: follow the road east of shattrath, and at the y split take a left turn.

from zangarmarsh: go towards the eastern cenarion refuge, and depart eastwards from there.

from blade's edge mountains: go trough the cave south of Thunderlord Stronghold into zangarmarsh, then head towards the eastern Cenarion Refuge, and go furhter east into hellfire peninsula.


From shattrath(aldor only!): leave trough the aldor exit.

From terrokar forest: west of auchindoun is a road, follow that.

from zangarmarsh: follow the road south from the southwestern corner.


to reach this zone, depart east from ruuan weald in blade's edge, then take a left turn and follow it into netherstorm.

Shadowmoon Valley

you can reach this by going east from shattrath, eastward trough tuurem, and then following the road.

Shattrath City

From terrokar forest: its at the northwest corner.

From Nagrand(aldor only, if youre a scryer or not aligned, go via terokar): east of garadar and northeast of ring of trials, theres a road to the aldor part.

From Zangarmarsh: take the western road in the southeastern corner of zangarmarsh, trough the northern shattrath exit.

Terrokar Forest

From Hellfire peninsula: go at the ridge south of honor hold. and travel westwards.

From nagrand: follow the path west of telaar and kil'sorrow fortress.

From shattrath: leave trough eastern exit.

From Zangarmarsh: take either one of the two roads in southeast zangarmarsh.

from Shadowmoon vallley: simply follow the road South of shadowmoon village westwards.


From hellfire peninsula: simply follow the roads west

From terrokar forest: take the road north of shattrath.

From Nagrand: go to the northwestern corner of the map, the passage is there.

From blade's edge mountains: go trough the cave south of sylvanaar.

From shattrath: leave trough the Northern exit, and follow the path northwards.

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