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This guide is on how to get from the Crossroads in Northern Barrens to Gadgetzan in Tanaris (as an alternative to Crossroads to Gadgetzan travel guide):

  1. Take the road eastwards, until you reach the neutral port of Ratchet.
  2. From Ratchet, swim south until you hit the Southern Barrens.
  3. Go onshore, and walk west into the Overgrowth.
  4. Go south, and at the gap take a right turn, keep following until you hit Desolation Hold.
  5. Depart southwards and follow the road as it curves to the east.
  6. Walk further east into Dustwallow Marsh and keep walking until you hit an fork.
  7. Go southwards, and keep walking until you hit Bogpaddle.
  8. Follow the path behind Bogpaddle, up the hills, into Thousand Needles.
  9. Jump into the lake at exactly where the path stops.
  10. Swim southwards onto the southern shore.
  11. Climb out of the water and continue into Tanaris.
  12. To your left is a goblin town, Gadgetzan!

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