Trader Alorn is a taunka general goods vendor located at Taunka'le Village in the Borean Tundra. [76.9, 38.1]


Name Lvl Req Type Cost
Inv ammo bullet 01 [Accurate Slugs]4540Bullet10Silver
Inv misc ammo arrow 01 [Blackflight Arrow]11865Arrow30Silver
Inv weapon shortblade 24 [Blacksteel Throwing Dagger]5550Thrown8Silver
Inv misc ammo bullet 02 [Impact Shot]8055Bullet16Silver
Inv misc ammo bullet 06 [Ironbite Shell]11865Bullet30Silver
Inv weapon shortblade 25 [Jagged Arrow]4540Arrow10Silver
Inv throwingaxe 01 [Jagged Throwing Axe]5560Thrown8Silver
Inv tradeskillitem 01 [Simple Wood]5Other38Copper
Inv misc ammo arrow 03 [Wicked Arrow]8055Arrow16Silver

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