Not to be confused with the popular Icon-youtube-22x22 Youtube video blog, TradeChat.

Trade Chat[1] is a common Chat channel that only works in capital cities and certain sanctuaries (unless you manually join a channel out-of-zone). This channel is intended for buying, selling, and trading of items and services, but is often used for general inane chit-chat.

Players in the same faction (Alliance 15 Alliance or Horde 15 Horde) will see messages sent from players of the same faction, wherever they are, be it a Sanctuary, an allied city or an enemy city.

This is the only chat that isn't affected by the new Cross-Realm Zones that were implemented in Mists of Pandaria. You will still be able to see your own trade chat when grouped with other individuals during a Cross-Realm group.

To send a message in trade chat, type the following into the chat entry area: /2 message

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