39 Tips for WoW Noobs07:14

39 Tips for WoW Noobs

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These are useful WoW tips for players.

Gold Tips Edit

  1. Don't buy gear,you will get gear by questing and doing instances.
  2. Do daily quests,they are maybe boring but you will get gold and/maybe gear which you can sell in Auction House or to vendors.
  3. Don't beg for gold,because your reputation will be low and people won't invite/accept you in their guilds or groups.
  4. Sell anything you don't use or that takes unnecessary space in your bags.
  5. Try doing Auction house.

Other Tips Edit

  1. Don't give you account information or you will get key -logged.
  2. If there is a Darkmoon faire go to it and do all XP and profession quests.
  3. Don't go to the site links posted in general or trade chat.
  4. Report player that sell gold for real money.
  5. Report rude player/pet names.
  6. If someone is constantly annoying you you can do: /ignore

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