Tol Barad Peninsula

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Neutral 32 Tol Barad Peninsula
Level 85 PVP
Tolb peninsula
RacesIconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Human Female Human
IconSmall Orc MaleIconSmall Orc Female Orc
IconSmall Undead MaleIconSmall Undead Female Undead
IconSmall Tauren MaleIconSmall Tauren Female Tauren
IconSmall Gnome MaleIconSmall Gnome Female Gnome
IconSmall Dwarf MaleIconSmall Dwarf Female Ironforge dwarf
IconSmall Undead MaleIconSmall Undead Female Forsaken
Minor settlementsFarson Hold
Rustberg Village
Alliance 15Baradin Base Camp
Horde 15Hellscream's Grasp
Wellson Shipyard
Locationnorth of Tol Barad

Bridge that conects Tol Barad with Tol Barad Peninsula

Tol Barad Peninsula is really a series of bridge connected islands to the north of the world PvP zone of Tol Barad. It acts as the daily quest hub area for Tol Barad. In-game, it is considered a sub-zone of the Maelstrom continental region, although it historically should be closer to the western coast of the Eastern Kingdoms.

Quests Edit

Baradin Base Camp Edit

Hellscream's Grasp Edit

NPCs Edit

Baradin Base Camp Edit

Hellscream's Grasp Edit

Mobs Edit

The mobs here are level 84-85

Largo's Overlook Edit

Rustberg Village Edit

The Darkwood Edit

Trivia Edit

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