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Titansteel is a metal alloy smelted from ingredients found in Northrend.

Items made from Titansteel tend to be very expensive on the Auction House due to Titansteel's cooldown, the mats required to make one Titansteel Bar, as well as the fact that many recipes require more than one.


1 Inv ingot titansteel blue [Titansteel Bar] is smeltable from 3 Inv ingot platinum [Titanium bars], 1 Inv elemental eternal fire [Eternal Fire], 1 Inv elemental eternal earth [Eternal Earth], and 1 Inv elemental eternal shadow [Eternal Shadow] every 20 hours. Which will be removed in Patch 3.3.3.

Selling smelting cooldown

Many players have been able to make money by selling their daily Titansteel cooldown by smelting one titansteel bar for another player for a price.

Patches and Fixes

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