Overview Edit

Tips and tricks for new players.

UI Tips and Tricks Edit

Key Shortcuts Edit

Here are some useful key shortcuts (assuming you don't change too many defaults):

  • Press Shift-B to open Backpack and all Bags.
  • With open Backpack, press B to close Backpack and all open Bags.
  • Press R to reply the last whisper, after pressing R, you can use Tab to cycle through people who have whispered you.

Make sure the hotkeys of all of your most used abilities and items are close to your hand.

Auto-Loot Edit

You can loot all items in a corpse, container item, or harvestable resource (herb, mineral vein/depost, or skinnable corpse) by holding the Shift-key down when right-clicking. Try it!

Combat Tips and Tricks Edit

General Combat Tips Edit

Buffing Up Before Battle Edit

If available, the following buffs should be applied before fighting:

Class applying buff Buff
From a Priest: Power Word: Fortitude sometime before on all/any party members.
...For the Priest: Inner Fire sometime before on self.
From a Mage: Arcane Intellect sometime before on all/any party members.
...For the Mage solo or PvP: Frost Armor (or Ice Armor, later on) sometime before on self.
...For the Mage in a group: Mage Armor sometime before on self.
...for the Mage in a raid: Have Decursive assigned to your scrollwheel so you can spam it easily
...for the Mage in stratholme: make a macro for eye of Naxxramas using /target eye /cast fireblast rank 7
From a Druid: Mark of the Wild and Thorns sometime before on all/any party members.
From a Warrior: Battle Shout immediately before fighting, if the Rage available.
For the Hunter: Aspect of the Monkey, Aspect of the Hawk, Aspect of the Cheetah, or Aspect of the Beast depending on the situation (and Hunter level) on self.
...By Hunter on target: Hunter's Mark on target.
...From higher level Hunter: Aspect of the Pack or Aspect of the Wild
From a Paladin: Blessing of Might on non-casters or Blessing of Wisdom on casters.
Technically not buffs, but appropriate auras (Devotion Aura, Retribution Aura, or Concentration Aura) should be selected before battle.
...For the Paladin: Seal of Righteousness, Seal of the Crusader (or Seal of Justice or Seal of Fury, later on) sometime before on self.
From a Shaman: Technically not buffs, but appropriate totems should be used at start of battle.
...For the Shaman: Rockbiter Weapon, Flametongue Weapon (or Frostbrand Weapon or Windfury Weapon, later on) sometime before on self.
From a Warlock: Use Create Healthstone and keep and give as necessary.
...By a Warlock: Use Create Soulstone and store the Warlock's or key party member's soul for quick reincarnation.
...For a Warlock: Demon Skin (or Demon Armor, later on) sometime before on self.

Checking If Within Range Edit

If you have a ranged ability, power, spell, or weapon on your command bar (Auto-shoot for bows, guns and wands):

  • When the key-shortcut number is white (1), you are in range.
  • When the key-shortcut number is red (1), you are out of range.
  • For a 40-yard spell, press the key V, and when you see the stats of the target, it is in-range.

Global Cooldown Edit

Bear in mind that whenever you use an ability or an item, you will have to wait 1.5 seconds till you can use another spell or ability, this is called Global Cooldown. To ensure that you can use your next ability or spell as fast as possible, consider pressing the hotkey, or clicking on the button rapidly when Global Cooldown is almost at an end.

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