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Inv tinfoil hat
  • Tinfoil Hat
  • Binds when equipped
  • Cloth
  • Head
  • 10 Armor
  • -10 Intellect
    +10 Spirit
  • Durability 5 / 5
  • Requires level 10
  • Equip: Hides the wearer's profile from the Armory.
    Equip: Allows the wearer to see "the truth." May lead to an incontrollable urge to share "the truth" with others.
    Use: Grants the wearer immunity to all forms of mind control for the next 10 sec...or does it?
  • "On behalf of the International Gnomish Conspiracy, I've got to inform you that we're almost out of tinfoil."

This is an April Fools article

This article is a Blizzard April Fools joke. Its content is not part of official Warcraft lore, but represents one of Blizzard's jokes.

Tinfoil Hat is a rare cloth hat crafted by engineers with a skill level of 375. The components are:

[Schematic: Tinfoil Hat] can be obtained by having a chat with a few conspirators.

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