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Neutral 32 The Timewalkers
Main leaderUnknown
Race(s)IconSmall DragonBronzeIconSmall DrakeBronzeIconSmall DrakonidBronzeIconSmall SpawnBronzeIconSmall WhelpBronze Bronze dragonflight
Various mortals
CapitalCaverns of Time, Tanaris
Theater of operationsTimeless Isle
AffiliationBronze dragonflight
Were you looking for the World of Warcraft TCG group of sets called the Timewalkers Block?

The Timewalkers is a new organization related to the Timeless Isle introduced in Patch 5.4. The Bronze Dragonflight is clearly involved with this new organization, but it is not clear how directly.

Members Edit

Mogu'Shan Palace
Timeless Isle

NPC title Edit

It is seen mostly as an NPC title.

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