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This page follows the in-game timeline from the release of World of Warcraft through present day as it applies to the players.

(After all, Money achievement What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been!)


September 2 - World of Warcraft announced[1]


Login screen Classic

The original login screen. This was the longest-running login screen, being the login for two years and one month.

Early in the year - World of Warcraft Beta testing

November 23 - World of Warcraft launches in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

November 24 - WoWWiki Launched[2]

December 18 - Patch 1.2.0



The first ever legendary item drop.

Leeroy Jenkins Jeopardy clue

What is World of Warcraft?.

February 11 - World of Warcraft launches in Europe

March 7 - Patch 1.3.0

March 23 - The first legendary item ever to appear to players in the game drops, [Talisman of Binding Shard]. It is immediately hotfixed out of the game.

April 8 - Patch 1.4.0

May - The Leeroy Jenkins video becomes popular[3]

June 7 - Patch 1.5.0

July 12 - Patch 1.6.0

September 13 - Patch 1.7.0

October 28–29 - BlizzCon

October 10 - Patch 1.8.0

  • Corrupted Blood fixed

November 16 - World of Warcraft is featured in a question on the game show Jeopardy!

November 23 - WoW Insider launches.[5]



The Characters of South Park in Make Love, not Warcraft. L to R: Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny.

January 3 - Patch 1.9.0

January - Blizzard comes under scrutiny by LGBT groups for prohibiting advertising a guild as being LGBT-friendly.[6]

January 23 - Medivh-US becomes the first server to open the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj[7]

March 28 - Patch 1.10.0

April - The "-50 DKP/More dots" Onyxia Wipe Animation becomes popular.

June 20 - Patch 1.11.0

July 7 - Wowhead website launched

August 22 - Patch 1.12.0

September 11 - Burning Crusade announced to be released on January 16, 2007


October 4 - The TV show South Park features a Warcraft-themed episode, Make Love, not Warcraft.

December 5 - Patch 2.0.1

December 14 - Burning Crusade cinematic trailer released


Login screen The Burning Crusade

The World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade login screen debuted with patch 2.0.1 and was the game login screen for one year and 11 months.

January 9 - Patch 2.0.3

January 16 - The Burning Crusade expansion released

May 22 - Patch 2.1.0

August 3–4 BlizzCon

September 27 - Patch 2.2.0

October - Toyota's Four Wheels of Fury commercial airs, featuring a fictional truck mount ingame.

November 13 - Patch 2.3.0

November 20 - Blizzard advertises World of Warcraft on television with ads featuring William Shatner and most notably Mr. T talking about his Night Elf Mohawk.



In July 29, 2008 a magnitude 5.5 earthquake struck near Blizzard's offices, causing them to post a message on their login screen about the effect on their in-game and telephone support.

Login screen Wrath of the Lich King

The World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King login screen. This login screen debuted in patch 3.0.2

January - World of Warcraft gets to 10 million subscribers globally[8]

March 25 - Patch 2.4.0

April 3 - Proudmoore-US becomes the first server to complete the Shattered Sun Offensive[9]

July - Beta begins for Wrath of the Lich King

August 21 - Wrath of the Lich King cinematic released.

September 15 - Wrath of the Lich King release date announced to be November 13, 2008

October 14 - Patch 3.0.2

October 23

November 10

November 13 - Wrath of the Lich King expansion released

November 23 - All players logging in are awarded Baby Blizzard Bear and Money achievement WoW's 4th Anniversary



"Game Fuel". Wild berry for Alliance, citrus cherry for Horde


During the countdown to the merger, Blizzard offered a companion pet to accounts that merged before the deadline.

April 14 - Patch 3.1.0

Late April - a player is banned for exploiting the game after using a mistakenly-mailed Game Master artifact called [Martin Fury].[10]

May 15 - The Mountain Dew Game Fuel Choose Your Side promotion begins.

August 4 - Patch 3.2.0

August 20 - The Mountain Dew Choose Your Side promotion ends.

August 21–22 - BlizzCon 2009

September 2 - Faction Change service offered.

September 22 - Patch 3.2.2

October 12 - Announcement that all World of Warcraft accounts must be merged with accounts.[11]

October 27 - Race Change service offered

November 11, 12 - The deadline passes for account mergers with for US, EU players.

November 22 - All players logging in are awarded Onyxian Whelpling and Money achievement WoW's 5th Anniversary

December 8 - Patch 3.3.0



Due to societal censorship issues in China, bones are covered up, as with this Forsaken. This led to the need for a massive graphical editing for Wrath of the Lich King to be approved.

January 5 - The Plagueworks of Icecrown Citadel opens.

January 19 - The Crimson Hall of Icecrown Citadel opens.

February 2 - Patch 3.3.2

February 12 - The People's Republic of China approves Burning Crusade for release.

May 3 - The Friends & Family phase of the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm alpha begins.[12]

June 22 - Patch 3.3.5 in North America.

June 30 - Closed Beta for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm begins.[13]
Patch 3.3.5 in Europe.

July 6 - Blizzard announces their intention to have Real ID names visible when posting on the official forums.[14] This resulted in a massive outcry against the idea, based primarily on concerns about privacy issues and potential harassment.

July 9 - Due the overwhelming flood of criticism, Blizzard rescinds their plan to put Real ID names on the official forums.[15]

August 10 - The People's Republic of China approves a heavily edited Wrath of the Lich King for release.[16]

September 7 - The first in-game events leading up into the Cataclysm expansion begin, with Operation: Gnomeregan (Alliance 15 Alliance) and Zalazane's Fall (Horde 15 Horde).

October 4 - Cataclysm release date announced to be December 7, 2010[17]

October 7 - World of Warcraft reaches 12 million players[18]

October 12 - Patch 4.0.1

October 17 - World of Warcraft Cataclysm cinematic trailer released.

  • Parts of the trailer were aired on television in the second quarter of the Dallas Cowboys/Minnesota Vikings football game on the same day. The commercial asked "Where will you be when the Cataclysm begins"

October 22-23 - BlizzCon 2010

November 16 - Patch 4.0.3

  • Preparation for the Shattering
  • Few visible changes

November 23 - Patch 4.0.3a The Shattering

  • Hundreds of achievements, items, NPCs, and quests added or updated
  • Most Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor zones changed
  • New class and race combinations made available

December 7 - Cataclysm expansion released


January 27 - Blizzard files complaints with the online service PayPal in an effort to make payment difficult for gold sellers. [19]

February 8 - Patch 4.0.6

  • Class balance changes

April 26 - Patch 4.1.0

  • Re-opening of Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub as level 85 heroics
  • Class design changes
  • Profession trainers filled out in capitals

June 28 - Patch 4.2.0

October 21-22 - BlizzCon 2011

November 20 - WoW's 7th Anniversary

November 29 - Patch 4.3.0



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