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A mysterious island, lost for millennia to the currents of time, has emerged from the mists off the eastern coast of Jade Forest.[1]

It is assumed by both the Bronze Dragonflight, Wrathion, Anduin and many other factions as being an isle that has no set time - and so travels through time appearing at random intervals, in differnt time periods similar to a Tardis. It is notable that the island has no day and night cycle due to its damaged timeways; and also that flying mounts can not be used on the island.

It has appeared this time in modern day Pandaria at an opportune time for heroes to hone their skills in preperation for the fight against Ordos, and Garrosh Hellscream.

The timeless isle was where future Emperors tested their wits and skills against the four celestials in order to prove themselves; today it is open to many different factions including the tillers, the lorewalkers, the Alliance and Horde and even the Bronze Dragonflight who are all fascinated with the new isle and puzzled at it's very existance

Timeless Isle is a new area added in Patch 5.4 for level 90 players.

  • Similar to Battlefield: Barrens but with more content.
  • Dynamic events, some really difficult mobs, more rare spawns, world bosses, treasure chests, pet battle things, and lots of other things to do.[1]
  • There will be a few UI changes to help alert you to events that are happening on Timeless Isle.[citation needed]
  • No central hub where you go to do things, but activities will be spread out and hidden all over the isle.
  • Home to five new world raid bosses! Players may face each of the four Celestials in a trial of combat.[1]
    • In addition to the four Celestials, Combat 15 Ordos <Fire-God of the Yaungol> in his sanctum atop the isle is a difficult world boss that requires you to have a legendary cloak to get to him.[1] He will respawn every few hours or so,[citation needed] but the main gating mechanism for him is getting a group together that all has the cloak. He drops items that will be anywhere from Normal to Normal Warforged quality.[citation needed]
  • Celestial Tournament for advanced pet battlers.

How to find it

Players seeking to explore the Timeless Isle should go to their factions shrine to start the quest. It will lead you to Chromie who will give you a [Curious Bronze Timepiece]. Using this item will give you a one-time teleport to the Timeless Isle. Players who do not have Pandaren Flying cannot access Chromie, and may require a lift to the higher levels of the shrine. and the location to shrine is whare????????????????????????????????????????????????????




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