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Tidal Mastery is a Shaman talent in the Restoration tree. It increases your chance to get a critical effect with healing and lightning spells.

Rank table Edit

Rank Critical Chance Bonus
1 + 1%
2 + 2%
3 + 3%
4 + 4%
5 + 5%

Notes Edit

Tidal Mastery is unfortunately in every way inferior to the Thundering Strikes talent in the Enhancement tree, as that talent is not limited in what it applies to. The two talents stack, however. Tidal Mastery also stacks with the bonus spell crit chance from Blessing of the Eternals. Combining all three talents provides a +14% bonus to spell crit chance.

The lightning spells affected are Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Shield, and Thunderstorm. All shaman healing spells that are capable of a critical effect benefit from this talent.

Tips and tactics Edit

  • A Restoration shaman with at least five points invested in the Enhancement tree should never spend points in Tidal Mastery that can spent in Thundering Strikes in the Enhancement tree, unless the points in Tidal Mastery are required to advance further into the tree. Even then, only the minimum number of points required to advance should be spent, with the remaining points placed in Thundering Strikes.

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