Thundermar Ruins

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A small portion of the Thundermar Ruins.

Thundermar Ruins (a.k.a. Ruins of Thundermar) is a subzone of the Twilight Highlands. It is located just south of the Wildhammer town Thundermar[49, 29.7] and just north of the Dragonmaw town of Bloodgulch. These ruins host a furious battle between the Wildhammer dwarves and their Dragonmaw enemies. Many daily quests from Bloodgulch and Thundermar are set in the ruins.

Inhabitants Edit

Surrounding area
Gunwald Greybeard [45.2, 43]
Dillan MacHurley [47, 36.9]
High Shaman MacKilligan [45.9, 33.2]
Warlord Halthar [49, 37]
Korthalon/Cliff Thundermar [52.9, 28.4]
Karkrog the Exterminator [51.9, 32.3]

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