Thunderlord Stronghold is a Horde town in the Blade's Edge Mountains. It was the stronghold of the Thunderlord clan until the ogre clans exterminated them. Now, new Horde forces hold it in honor of the original clan. After the opening of the Dark Portal, Rexxar traveled here in search of his own race.


Thunderlord Stronghold from above

Thunderlord Stronghold from above.

Travel connectionsEdit


Thunderlord Stronghold

Thunderlord Stronghold seen from the southwest.

Horde 15 Mok'Nathal Village
Horde 15 Swamprat Post
Horde 15 Zabra'jin
Neutral 15 Evergrove
Neutral 15 Area 52
Neutral 15 The Stormspire


Other characters

Quests Edit

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