At well over 30 feet in height, this massive, elephant/humanoid crossbreed is a terrible sight. Teeth and ears of victims form a crude necklace around the beast’s neck, and it holds a sharpened tree as a massive club in its right hand. The creature grins wickedly as it begins to chant in an unearthly voice.[1] Thunder bringers are rare, elite and powerful magnataur. While shamans are not uncommon among magnataur, few undergo the appropriate rituals that transform them from simple magnataur shamans to thunder bringers. Those who do rarely survive long. Thunder bringers represent the elite few who have survived years of assassination attempts and continued to grow in power and prominence over time. In addition to their great spellcasting abilities, they are also some of the largest and strongest of magnataur, making them even more formidable adversaries.[1]

Magnataur thunder bringers prefer to allow weaker magnataur to enter the fray first and support them with spells, retreating if the battle goes badly. If confronted on their own, they cast as many enhancement spells as they can before wading into melee. If they are preparing to attack an unaware target, they cast all their augmentation spells beforehand, then sneak up on their enemies to try to gain the advantage of surprise.[1]


References Edit

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