Thunder King

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Were you looking for the raid boss named the Boss 15 Thunder King in the Throne of Thunder?

The Thunder King was a tyrannical Mogu warlord who united the Mogu factions at some point in the distant past.[1] The Thunder King rose to power the “the mogu way,” namely by eliminating his rivals one by one. According to legend he was able to accomplish this with the help of a mysterious artifact that he found in the depths of a mountain. After his rise to power, he built the Mogu'shan Vaults to contain and protect this secret, and converted the surrounding structure into a sort of shrine dedicated to the mogu empire.

According to Zhi the Harmonious <Caretaker> of the Golden Lotus, the Thunder King was named emperor Lei Shen and various weapons and armor of the Thunder King were buried in shrines and tombs around the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.[2]


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