Thunder Bluff to Orgrimmar travel guide

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Travel from Thunder Bluff to Orgrimmar

This is how you get from Tauren territory (Thunder Bluff, Mulgore) to Orc and Troll territory (Orgrimmar, Durotar):

As of patch 3.2.0 you can just take a zeppelin to and from. this zeppelin departs from Thunder Bluff at the northwestern dock, from Orgrimmar at the western dock of the western zeppelin tower, waiting for the zeppelin can take up to 10 minutes though. so it requires a bit of patience to use the zeppelin.

  1. There is a road south from Thunder Bluff that T's at Bloodhoof Village.
  2. Go east at the T and continue east as you see a pass through the mountains to the west-most edge of the Barrens and Camp Taurajo.
  3. Follow the road through Camp Taurajo east (remembering to pick up the flight path in the camp on the way) until you hit a T just east of Taurajo and go north. Watch out, because the Barrens creatures can be quite dangerous to low level characters.
  4. Continue north passing though the Crossroads (where there is another Flight Master). In Crossroads you will pass a road branching east to Ratchet (where is a Flight Path too as of 1.11), if you want to take a boat to Booty Bay.
  5. At the Crossroads take the road north until it is intersected by a road from the east.
  6. Take the eastern road and continue east, past Far Watch Post and over the bridge across the Southfury River, until you get to Razor Hill.
  7. Razor Hill is where the road from the Barrens hits the main north-south road.
  8. Take the road north to Orgrimmar or south to Sen'Jin Village.

Also, if you have the flight path from Thunder Bluff to Orgrimmar, you can just fly there for an affordable 50 copper.

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