Throne of the Elements

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Were you looking for the 0600Warlords-Logo-Small Throne of the Elements in Nagrand, Draenor?
Throne of the Elements

Throne of the Elements

The Throne of the Elements is a neutral quest hub in Nagrand. Quests are available from various humanoids and elementals, who are affiliated with the Earthen Ring. There are four elementals there, Gordawg, Incineratus, Kalandrios and Aborius.

Currently, only Gordawg is involved in any quests, though Incineratus is mentioned in two.

It should be noted that, although in Contested Territory, the Throne of the Elements is not a place that one would want to engage in PvP combat. Should you attack another player while there, the Elemental Lords will immediately engage and attack you. They have been known to deal over 500,000 damage with one hit.

Location [60, 22].

Quests Edit

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