Thrallmar Grunts are of various races and stand guard at Thrallmar & Spinebreaker Post in Hellfire Peninsula.


At Spinebreaker Post
You know, I think we can hit Honor Hold from here. (with a catapult)
If General Krakork found out, he'd eat us alive. Don't
Ah! We can tell him Hagash stumbled into it and fired it accidentally!
Hagash the Blind says: I'm blind, you stupid sow-spawn, not deaf. Don't even think about it.
Thrallmar Grunt sighs.
I say we fire it. Cut the rope.
You cut the rope. You have the knife.
Harumph! Coward.
Ten silver says I can hit Honor Hold with this boulder!
Try it, and I'll fire you AND your ten silver over that wall.
Thrallmar Grunt sighs

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