Thrall's Armor is the general name covering all of the Horde Shaman Tier 9 Sets. The Thrall's Garb set is focused on the Restoration tree, the Thrall's Battlegear set is focused on the Enhancement (Melee DPS) tree, and the Thrall's Regalia set is focused on the Elemental (Ranged DPS) tree.

The Alliance equivalent would be the Nobundo's Garb set, Nobundo's Battlegear set, and Nobundo's Regalia set respectively.

Restoration Sets
Thrall's Garb set / Nobundo's Garb set
Enhancement Sets
Thrall's Battlegear set / Nobundo's Battlegear set
Elemental Sets
Thrall's Regalia set / Nobundo's Regalia set

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