Thornweavers are a quilboar shaman variant. While primitive, quilboar have a rich spiritual tradition. Their shaman, sometimes called thornweavers, are valued members of the tribe; indeed, shaman are often their leaders. Quilboar respect their shaman, and in turn the shaman aid them in war. While quilboar thornweavers enjoy using their spells to decimate their enemies, they know that the actual slaying should fall to the tribe’s warriors. Thus, thornweavers support their allies with healing magic and by summoning allies. They have a particular fondness for wild boars. All quilboar honor the ferocity of boars, and the animal is their race’s totem creature. Thornweavers call upon vengeful spirits of nature, eschewing the peaceful spirits and the gentle side of the Earth Mother that most tauren revere.

When a thornweaver sees his comrades fall it inspires the thornweaver to greatness, as it does with all quilboar; in addition, the departing ally’s spirit briefly infuses him with power. Thornweavers can summon boars, dire boars, and similar animals. Thornweavers can become a ghost boar rather than a ghost wolf. The thornweaver can also channel his magical and spiritual power to increase his strength and ferocity, calling upon the power of the quilboar’s creator, the demigod Agamaggan.

The iconic quilboar thornweaver strides forward with his tribe members, clutching a flail. He plants totems in their midst and summons spirit pigs to aid them, then charges into melee with a fearsome grunt-squeal.[1]

References Edit

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