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NeutralNPC 32Thisalee Crow
Title <Druid of the Talon>
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 82-100
Health 44,679 Cataclysm-Logo-Small
97,854 Warlords-Logo-Small
Mana 8,338 Cataclysm-Logo-Small
97,854 Warlords-Logo-Small
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Guardians of Hyjal, Druids of the Talon
Location Mount Hyjal, Gorgrond, Talador, Lunarfall Garrison
See Icon-3D-48x48

Thisalee Crow is a night elf feral Druid quest giver associated with the Guardians of Hyjal located at the Shrine of Aviana[42, 45] in Mount Hyjal. She can be found just to the right, inside the building at the bottom of the ramp. She is also found at Sethria's Roost[32, 76] offering quests to combat the Twilight dragonflight and within the Molten Front offering a few daily quests during the Firelands Invasion.

In Warlords of DraenorEdit

Warlords-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.

Thisalee crow appears again in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor as a quest giver in Gorgrond. She is associated with the final part of the garrison campaign (Official alliance mini-iconAlliance / Official horde mini-iconHorde) and upon completion, she becomes available as a follower for Alliance players.


Objective of
Shrine of Aviana
Sethria's Roost
Molten Front


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