Theramore's Fall (Alliance)

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Theramore's Fall for the Official alliance mini-icon Alliance is the first scenario available that presages the Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria expansion and will be available to level 85 characters for one week before the official expansion release (September 25, 2012) around September 18, 2012. On the release of the expansion, the scenario will only be available to level 90 characters.

Alliance players will try to drive out the Horde as they try to sack Theramore.

Pre-expansion requirements



  • Stage 1: Welcome to Theramore - Nothing Important.
  • Stage 2: Sweep the Harbor - Defeat the Horde in the harbor.
  • Stage 3: Into the Ruins - Destroy any remaining horde in the ruins of Theramore.
  • Stage 4: The Lady Proudmoore - Find Jaina Proudmoore in the ruins of Theramore.
  • Stage 5: Destroy the Destroyer - Destroy the Horde siege engine at the west gate.
  • Stage 6: The Last Stand! - Protect Jaina while she attunes to the Focusing Iris.

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  • Theramore's Fall
  • Money achievement Theramore's Fallω ϖ - Official alliance mini-icon Complete the Theramore's Fall scenario at level 90.
  • Money achievement Theramore's Fallω ϖ - Official alliance mini-icon Protected Jaina as she recovered the Focusing Iris from the Horde-ravaged ruins of Theramore.

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