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WoWScrnShot 090813 012713

Portrait in the Viewing Room in Scholomance - Sept 8 2013

WoWScrnShot 090813 012650

In the Viewing Room in Scholomance - Sept 8 2013

WoWScrnShot 090813 012632

View of the ceiling in The Viewing Room in Scholomance - Sept 8 2013

WoWScrnShot 090813 012521

Into the Viewing Room in Scholomance (Bored Students on the right) Sept 8 2013

The Viewing Room

The Viewing Room

The Viewing Room is a chamber within Scholomance. It is accessed from the eastern branch of the large unnamed central chamber.

The door to the viewing room is locked and the key can only be obtained from Rattlegore, who can be found in the Great Ossuary, south of the central chamber.

Inside the Viewing Room are several students, as well as their tutors, Marduk Blackpool and Vectus. These NPCs will not attack players passing through the room unless one of the players uses Dawn's Gambit, which turns all the students into hostile non-elite skeletons.

Most groups will leave this room unmolested unless one of the players is attempting to complete the quest Neutral 15 [60D] Dawn's Gambit.

The two exits from this room lead south to the Laboratory and east to the Headmaster's Study and ajoining chambers.

Notes Edit

  • There is a persistent rumor on many servers that you can NOT talk to the students, Marduk nor Vectus, because doing so will cause them to aggro. This is a blatant fallacy, as the both the students and their peers will willingly chat with players without any hostility.
  • You can, however, make the students and Vectus hostile by using an area of effect move around the students. (Example: Consecration from a paladin). However, they do not undergo their transformation into skeletons and you cannot loot the dead bodies of the students because they despawn.

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