A short story about Commander Stashnugget McZoink from the official site (EU).

Characters Edit

  • Stashnugget McZoink - gnome warrior
  • Souken - night elf hunter, Stashnugget's team mate
  • Kollektiv - dwarf shaman, Stashnugget's team mate
  • Percival Higgins - Sergeant Major gnome warrior, Stashnugget's arch-rival
  • Tankz - chat troll
  • Vhell - entertainer or commentator
  • Kintt - entertainer or commentator
  • Toogood - entertainer or commentator
  • Hydra - notorious combatant
  • Inflame - notorious combatant
  • Kalimist - notorious combatant

External links Edit

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