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The Shield of the Aesirites is a shield looted from the grave of Fengir the Disgraced at Shield Hill. Fengir's ghost now haunts the area, seeking revenge and calling curses upon the thieves (and pretty much everyone else around).

Source Edit

This item is provided for the quest Neutral 15 [71] The Shield of the Aesirites.

The Shield of the Aesirites

The Shield of the Aesirites

Objective of Edit

This item is an objective of Neutral 15 [71] The Shield of the Aesirites, and is returned to the grave (as part of a [Bundle of Vrykul Artifacts]) during Neutral 15 [71] A Return to Resting.

Notes Edit

When returning the shield to the grave, Fengir says:

Your offering has come too late, little one. Can you feel the mist closing in upon you? The Kvaldir return...

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