The Rear is Clear

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Alliance 32 The Rear is Clear
StartSergeant Willem
EndMarshal McBride
Requires Level 1
CategoryElwynn Forest
Experience35 XP
or 21Copper at Level 110
Reputation10 Stormwind

Objectives Edit

Report to Marshal McBride in front of Northshire Abbey in Elwynn Forest.


Excellent work, <name>! The rear is now officially clear. We'll take care of the stragglers. I want you to go back to Marshal McBride, standing in front of Northshire Abbey, south of here, and let him know that the goblin situation is under control.

Farewell, <class>.


With your help we have managed to secure the northern and western sectors of Northshire. We still have a rather large contingency of Blackrock orcs to the east and they've begun burning down the forest!


Quest progressionEdit

1. Beating them Back!
2. Lions for Lambs
3. Consecrated Letter
4. The Power of the Light
5. Join the Battle!
6. They Sent Assassins
7. The Rear is Clear
8. Blackrock Invasion
9. Ending the Invasion!
10 Report to Goldshire

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Quest level4 +
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