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Cook 15 of the Northrend recipes listed below:

Food Ingredients
Inv misc shell 01 [Bad Clams]
Inv misc food 140 fish [Baked Manta Ray]
Inv misc food 142 fish [Blackened Dragonfin]
Inv misc food 84 roastclefthoof [Blackened Worg Steak]
Inv misc food 88 ravagernuggets [Critter Bites]
Inv misc food 133 meat [Cuttlesteak]
Inv misc cauldron frost [Dalaran Clam Chowder]
Inv misc food 75 [Dragonfin Filet]
Ability hunter pet boar [Great Feast]
Inv misc food 141 fish [Firecracker Salmon]
Inv misc fish 52 [Fish Feast]
Ability hunter pet boar [Gigantic Feast]
Inv misc food 143 fish [Grilled Bonescale]
Inv misc food 79 [Grilled Sculpin]
Inv misc fish 66 [Haunted Herring]
Inv misc food 115 condorsoup [Hearty Rhino]
Inv misc food 121 buttermeat [Imperial Manta Steak]
Inv drink 21 [Kungaloosh]
Inv misc food 114 orcablubber [Last Weeks Mammoth]
Inv misc food 116 condorleg [Mammoth Meal]
Inv misc food 108 meadcaribou [Mega Mammoth Meal]
Inv misc food 66 [Mighty Rhino Dogs]
Inv misc food 117 heartysoup [Northern Stew]
Inv misc food 76 [Pickled Fangtooth]
Inv misc food 138 fish [Poached Nettlefish]
Inv misc food 77 [Poached Northern Sculpin]
Inv misc food 53 [Rhino Dogs]
Inv misc food 47 [Rhinolicious Wormsteak]
Inv misc food 86 basilisk [Roasted Worg]
Inv misc food 125 fishchunk [Sauteed Goby]
Inv misc food 89 [Shoveltusk Steak]
Ability hunter pet boar [Small Feast]
Inv misc food 131 fish [Smoked Rockfin]
Inv misc food 130 fish [Smoked Salmon]
Inv misc food 129 fish [Snapper Extreme]
Inv misc food 49 [Spiced Mammoth Treats]
Inv misc food 65 [Spiced Worm Burger]
Inv misc food 139 fish [Spicy Blue Nettlefish]
Inv misc food 78 [Spicy Fried Herring]
Inv valentineschocolate01 [Tasty Cupcake]
Inv misc food 122 steak [Tender Shoveltusk Steak]
Inv misc food 85 stegadonbite [Tracker Snacks]
Inv misc food 60 [Very Burnt Worg]
Inv misc food 71 [Worg Tartare]
Inv misc food 124 skewer [Worm Delight]

Notes Edit

As of Patch 3.3.0 [Black Jelly] is still not listed as a required recipe though [Shoveltusk Soup] has once again been removed.

A new recipe to Patch 3.1.0, [Black Jelly] is not listed, yet [Shoveltusk Soup] has been restored, yet appears to still be unobtainable.

Patch changes Edit

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