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This article is a guild information page for The Nomadic Vanguards of ds.

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The Nomadic Vanguards strive to uncover every secret Azeroth has to offer, and are willing to go to any extreme to uncover them. The current leader and founder of the Nomadic Vanguards, Kuru, is a very powerful Necromancer and reaper of souls. Kuru is not a force to reckon with, every day he massacres entire alliance villages just for fun. Instead of letting the souls of the dead move on to a better place, or haunt the lands to which they where slaughtered, Kuru harvests all the souls into the demonic scythe he wields. Kuru himself is a true adventurer, but has a cold and very corrupted heart driven by an unquenchable bloodlust. Often tapping into the Scythe's demonic powers, Kuru gains the strength (of literally) 100 men, and all spells cast during that time supplemented extremely. His spell power is so high, he can force even the most strong willed to go mad.

Purpose of the Guild Edit

The Nomadic Vanguards is a guild of adventures with pure intentions, to explore the lands and uncover the secrets they contain. The true secrets of the guild is kept between the Magister and the 3 Consularis, however. The guild goes on missions of exploration which typically last up to a 3 months. Just exploring the world and uncovering truth is the reasoning force behind any actions done by the Guild. To encounter any members of the Nomadic Vanguards poses no issues, and most of the members are actually quite nice good hearted explorers. It's Kuru I urge you to watch out for, he is extremely paranoid and gets very aggressive if he even thinks you are challenging him. Therefor if you are member of the alliance, steer clear of him. Just walking up to him may seem like you are trying to kill him in his eyes. His mind is twisted and corrupted, and under influence of the Demonic Scythe he carries. He loves to see suffering more than he likes to murder, so if you get him in a bad mood, he may just torture you and leave you to die slowly. The guild is Neutral Evil but Kuru is Chaotic Evil

Ranks of the Nomadic Vanguards Edit

Magister - Master, this rank is forever reserved to Kuru. Kuru cannot die of old age, and will probably never die of other causes due to his tremendous powers.

Consularis - Consoular, An official appointed by a Kuru to live in the various major cities and protect and promote the Kuru's followers and interests there.

Pimatibus - Chief, commands the multiple Villicum.

Villicum - Overseer, they control where the lower members go for expeditions, and what they do.

Veterani Rimor - Veteran Explorer, a very respected and experienced explorer

Inquirentium - Explorer, One that doesn't have a lot of experiences.

Tiro - Recruit, Has to prove himself to be loyal

Base of Operations Edit

The base of operations of The Nomadic Vanguards is near the World Tree in Hyjal. The mighty Kuru sacrificed 500,000 souls from his Soul Scythe and resurrected Archimonde from the bones hanging from the tree. He is now controlled by Kuru and forced to guard the base of the Nomadic Vanguards forever. Anybody that approaches the tree and does not bear the mark of the Evil Vanguard (which is burned into your skin when you rank up from Tiro) suffer an unspeakable fate.. The three Consularis also live in the corrupted World Tree (the world tree was corrupted from all the fel energy)

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