The Night Blade

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The Night Blade is an epic dagger with an armor reduction proc.

Source Edit

This item is a world drop. It also drops from Khorium Lockboxes.

Notes Edit

As of the current version of WoW, the Night Blade is is probably the best world drop dagger in the game, possibly eclipsing the PvP reward [Gladiator's Shiv], especially then the effect procs thrice.

Duel wielding The Night Blade can result in accumulation of up to 6 charges of the armor debuff.

Patch 2.1 Edit

As of Patch 2.1, the Night Blade has received a nerf and a buff. The DPS (damage per second) has increased to 94.2, but its proc has been changed to 62 critical strike, making it still a balanced weapon.

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